Poster Session 1:  Monday 07 March at 1530

Poster Session 1
T01: Major recent drilling projects
ID Presenter Poster title
22 Christian  Panton In-situ site-selection for the RECAP drilling project
76 Joseph Souney The 1500 m South Pole Ice Core: Recovering a 40,000 year environmental record
131 Soon Do Hur Ice core drilling on Styx glacier from Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
142 Meredith Nation Consideration for the use of ESTISOL™ 140 as an Antarctic ice core drilling fluid
246 Dorthe Dahl-Jensen EGRIP – a new deep drilling adventure in Greenland
303 Eliza Cook An initial tephrochronology of the Renland ice core
T02: Glacial/interglacial dynamics, interglacials, and sea level
ID Presenter Poster title
30 Emilie  Capron Sequence of events from the onset to the demise of the Last Interglacial: evaluating strengths and limitations of chronologies used in climatic archives
104 Sarah Aarons Addressing the impact of ice shelf retreat on local climate: A case study of the effect of the Ross ice shelf retreat upon the surrounding coastal area
120 Marcel Haeberli Global mean ocean temperatures in the late Pleistocene based on ice core noble gas thermometry
161 Peter  Ditlevsen What can we learn from the fast fluctuations in the isotope records?
196 Christopher Fogwill Evidence for a substantial West Antarctic ice sheet contribution to meltwater pulses and abrupt global sea level rise
227 Sarah Shackleton The role of ocean-atmosphere heat exchange through Termination II and the MIS 5-4 transition
293 Michael Dyonisius Constraining the sources of the CH4 increase during the Oldest Dryas-Bølling abrupt warming event using 14CH4 measurements from Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
T03: Holocene and last 2000 year climate forcings and variability
ID Presenter Poster title
13 Michael  Sigl Volcanic eruptions, climatic impact and human susceptibility – Case studies through space and time
53 Tandong  Yao Climate Change in the Past 2000 Years and their impacts on society on the Tibetan Plateau
62 Audrey  Yau A 225-Year Pollen, Aerosol, and Pollutant Record from McCall Glacier, Alaska: Implications for Ice Core Records from Small, Polythermal Valley Glaciers
69 Carly Tozer An ice core derived 1013-year annual rainfall reconstruction for an eastern Australian catchment
79 Vincent Favier On the potential control of SAM and IPO climate variability on Law Dome sea salt deposition
100 Naoko Nagatsuka Variations in Sr and Nd isotopic ratio of dust in Arctic snow
111 Samuel    Poynter Volcanic sulfate deposition across a high accumulation gradient regime at Law Dome
116 Barbara Stenni δ18O and deuterium excess records from the GV7 ice core (Oates Coast, East Antarctica)
119 John Fegyveresi The development and formation mechanism behind the very-low-porosity crusts (i.e. “glazes”) observed on the surface at the WAIS Divide site, West Antarctica: an integrated surface and ice core study
122 Bess Koffman Abrupt Late Holocene Shift in Atmospheric Circulation Recorded  by Mineral Dust in the Siple Dome Ice Core, Antarctica
125 Tine Nilsen Is there a break in scaling on centennial time scale in Holocene temperature records?
134 Elisabeth Isaksson Svalbard ice and snow as archives for climate and pollution
144 Cheryl Glor Comparison of concentrations of trace dissolved ions (sea salts, MSA and volcanic sulphate) from ABN with the coastal Law Dome ice core.
149 Jason  Roberts A comparison of 2000 year accumulation records from Law Dome and Aurora Basin North
150 Andrew Moy Climate history at Aurora Basin North, East Antarctica: A 2,000 year isotopic record
160 Christopher  Plummer Holocene record of sea-salts at Law Dome, East Antarctica
179 Anaïs
Orsi The last thousand years at Talos Dome
180 Joel Savarino A reconstruction of terrestrial volcanism over the last 2500 years using sulfur isotopes in ice-cores
189 Mirko Severi Holocene volcanic history as recorded in the sulfate stratigraphy of the TALDICE ice core.
192 Peter Neff Amundsen Sea Coastal Domes: Targeted Holocene Ice Core Sites
195 Joseph McConnell Antarctic-wide array of high-resolution ice core records documents pervasive lead pollution began in 1889 and persists today
200 Krystyna Saunders High-resolution Southern Hemisphere westerly wind reconstructions using sub-Antarctic lake sediments: an example from Macquarie Island (54°S)
231 Nathan J Chellman Using paired ice core and sediment core records to evaluate Holocene black carbon flux and fire history across the Northern Hemisphere
256 Mark Curran The Law Dome MSA sea ice proxy record: Analysis of modern satellite data and re-examination of archival satellite imagery.
270 Karl Kreutz Potential impact of volcanic aerosols on the position of the ITCZ and Southern Hemisphere westerlies over the past 2000 years
286 Robert Mulvaney Sixty years of climate and accumulation in the Pine Island glacial basin
297 Luke Trusel Variability and rise in west Greenland surface melting over the last several decades
300 Sarah Das New coastal West Greenland ice core records from Disko Island, Nuussuaq Peninsula, and the western Greenland ice sheet
305 Steven Phipps Solar and volcanic forcing of the Southern Hemisphere climate over the  past 2000 years
307 Heidi Roop Reconstructing 1,350 years of mid-to-high latitude atmospheric circulation using varved sediments and ice cores
T05: Age scales and synchronisation between records
ID Presenter Poster title
3 Frédéric Parrenin IceChrono1: a probabilistic model to compute a common and optimal chronology for several ice cores
31 Mai  Winstrup An annual-layer counted chronology for the EPICA Dronning Maud Land (EDML) ice core, Antarctica, over the Holocene and the deglaciation
115 John Fegyveresi Visual Stratigraphy, ECM Volcanic Matching, and a New Depth-Age Scale for the South Pole Ice Core (SPC14) to ~7ka.
123 Emmanuel Witrant A new automatic synchronization method applied to high-resolution methane records.
128 James Lee Dating of the Roosevelt Island Ice Core and the interhemispheric relationship of warming during the last deglaciation
136 Biancamaria Narcisi Enhancing the Eemian tephrostratigraphy for the Antarctic ice sheet: the Talos Dome record
146 Jason  Roberts An updated Law Dome (DSS) age model
194 Monica Arienzo Artic and Antarctic ice core records of Nuclear Weapons Testing
233 Shuji Fujita Densification of layered firn of the ice sheet at Dome Fuji, Antarctica
236 Shuji Fujita Volcanic synchronization of Dome Fuji and Dome C Antarctic deep ice cores over the past 216 kyr
273 Ross Edwards Dating Antarctic ice cores using high-temporal resolution black carbon records
T07: Millennial variability in glacials and hemispheric coupling
ID Presenter Poster title
90 Joel Pedro Antarctic Isotope Maximum Events forced by Southern Ocean deep convection
255 Bradley Markle Atmospheric teleconnections between the tropics and high southern latitudes during abrupt climate change


Poster Session 2: Tuesday 08 March at 1600

Poster Session 2
T04: Interpreting proxies and new proxies
ID Presenter   Poster title
15 Elizabeth  Thomas A new proxy for reconstructing past wind strength in the Amundsen Sea
17 Daniela Festi Enhanced ice core dating from the combined use of pollen analyses and mass balance modeling on the Alto dell'Ortles Glacier (Italy)
51 Ikumi  Oyabu Chemical compositions of soluble and insoluble particles around the last termination preserved in the Dome C ice core, inland Antarctica
59 Giovanni  Baccolo New insights from neutron activation analysis and synchrotron X-ray fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy on aeolian dust from the Talos Dome ice core (East Antarctica, Ross Sea Sector)
60 Tobias Erhardt Towards reliable continuous particle size records from polar ice cores
70 Mathieu  Casado Measurements of isotopic composition of vapour on the Antarctic Plateau
78 Jihong  Cole-Dai Perchlorate: A Potential New Proxy of Atmospheric Chemical Processes and Environment
80 Kumiko Goto-Azuma Comparison of measurement techniques of micro-particles in polar snow and ice
82 Sentia Goursaud What controls the triple isotopic composition of water in the precipitations of Bolivia?
83 Alison Criscitiello Influence of tropical-Arctic teleconnections on ice core marine aerosol records from Prince of Wales Icefield, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada
94 Sébastien Pivot Analytical developments of the Chlorine-36 measurements in ice cores for the study of past solar activity and geomagnetic excursions.
95 Peter Neff Trajectory modeling of modern dust transport to Antarctic ice core sites
101 Franciéle Schwanck A 125-year record of climate and chemistry variability in a West Antarctica ice core
108 Akane Tsushima Understanding spatial distribution of δ17O and 17O-excess in surface snow at the Greenland and East Antarctica ice sheets.
124 Andrew Smith A quasi-monthly record of 10Be concentration at Law Dome, Antarctica, from 2000 to 2015.
132 Holly  Winton Dust and black carbon sources of soluble iron to Antarctic waters
137 Luciano  Marquetto Oxygen isotopic composition variations in surface snow along an antarctic traverse
138 Filipe Lindau Major ions variability in snow and firn along an Antarctic transect
139 Vladimir  Lipenkov A comparison of air content records from the Vostok and EPICA DC ice cores
140 Jason  Roberts Confidence Intervals for unevenly and differently sampled data
158 Mana  Inoue A glaciochemical study of the Mill Island ice core
159 Niccolò  Maffezzoli Bromine, Iodine and Sodium along the Talos Dome – GV7 traverse in Northern Victoria Land
166 Eric  Wolff Does the recent loss of Arctic sea ice show up in potential ice core proxies?
167 Eric  Wolff Nitrate spikes cannot be used to assess the statistics of solar energetic particle events (SPEs)
168 Geoffrey Lee A ‘strange event’: unexplained signals recorded in a Pleistocene Antarctic ice core
171 Dmitry Divine Event-based observations of stable water isotopes in precipitation in Ny-Ålesund to support interpretation of Svalbard ice core data
174 Patricia  Martinerie The smoothing effect of progressive gas trapping on greenhouse gas signals in ice cores
178 Eric  Wolff Fire proxies in polar and non-polar ices: A review
185 Johannes  Freitag Bubble observations and analysis of the Renland ice core
188 Rita Traversi Nitrate record from EPICA-Dome C ice core at the time of Laschamp geomagnetic excursion
193 Joseph McConnell A 3,300 year record of total organic carbon, black carbon, and other burning tracers from three Northern Greenland ice cores
205 Bernhard Bereiter Analytical bias in the oldest section of the Dome C CO2 record
208 Khanghyun Lee Deposition of atmospheric selenium to the northern Greenland ice sheet during the 1900-1970 AD
209 Aleksei Ekaikin Non-climatic signal in ice core records: Lessons from Antarctic mega-dunes
210 Aleksei Ekaikin Strong post-depositional changes of the snow stable water isotope content observed in laboratory experiments
220 Paul  Vallelonga Halogen-based reconstruction of past sea ice extent from Law Dome ice cores
223 Vasilii Petrenko The potential of 14CO in glacial ice as a tracer for past cosmic ray flux and atmospheric hydroxyl radical abundance
235 Christopher Fogwill New high-resolution record of Holocene climate change in the Weddell Sea from combined biomarker analysis of the Patriot Hills blue ice area
242 Spruce Schoenemann    On the seasonality of 17O-excess in Antarctic precipitation: insights from an intermediate complexity isotope model and high-resolution firn-core data
244 Matthew Osman Coastal firn core records of west Greenland sea-surface variability
253 Alexandra Touzeau Changes in the isotopic composition of the snow after deposition: evidences from the crime scene and investigation of a suspect…
260 Sentia Goursaud Interannual variability of atmospheric biogenic sulfur and sea-salt aerosols at the coastal Antarctic site of Dumont d’Urville.
265 Motohiro Hirabayashi Variability of trace halogen species in ice core from NEEM, Greenland
278 Camilla Marie Jensen Sulphate detection technique for the CFA system based on Raman spectroscopy
295 Jung-Ho Kang Record high levoglucosan concentrations in the Geenland snow due to long-range transport after biomass burning
299 Benjamin Hmiel Understanding the production and retention of in situ cosmogenic 14C in polar firn
306 Yeongcheol Han Detection of seasonal variations in 17O-excess from Antarctic snowpack using cavity ring-down spectroscopy
T08: Biogeochemical cycles
ID Presenter Poster title
61 Audrey  Yau The WAIS Divide (6-68 ka BP) and the B40 ice core (0-2.5 ka BP) aerosol records
68 Runa Antony Role of microbial communities in dissolved organic matter cycling in Antarctic snow
88 Mauro Rubino Terrestrial uptake due to cooling responsible for low atmospheric CO2 during the Little Ice Age
91 Célia Julia Sapart Reconstructing the recent methane atmospheric budget using firn air methane stable isotope analyses
106 David Thornton The 14CO2 bomb pulse in firn air at Aurora Basin, East Antarctica.
107 David Thornton Atmospheric reconstruction at Patriot Hills, West Antarctica.
118 Olivier Eicher High-resolution NGRIP total air content record sensitive to insolation and rapid DO-warmings
141 Cathy Trudinger Atmospheric abundance and global emissions of perfluorocarbons CF4, C2F6 and C3F8 since 1900 inferred from ice core, firn and atmospheric measurements
148 Matt Woodhouse Atmospheric composition change in the 20th century through ice cores and atmospheric chemistry modelling
165 Peter  Koehler On the state-dependency of the equilibrium climate sensitivity during the last 5 million years
217 Xavier  Fain High resolution carbon monoxide measurements from an array of Antarctic ice cores: atmospheric reconstruction over the last 2000yrs
222 Vasilii Petrenko Ice core measurements of 14CH4 show no evidence of methane release from methane hydrates or old permafrost carbon during a large warming event 11,600 years ago
238 Philip Place A 40-year record of Northern Hemisphere atmospheric carbon monoxide concentration and isotope ratios from the firn at Greenland Summit
277 Zhiheng Du Distribution and biogeochemical behaviour of iron in the Barrow land-fast sea ice, Alaska
281 James Menking Stable isotopes of carbon dioxide during the last glacial inception
301 Malte Nordmann Winther Measurements of N2O isotopomers during the Holocene from the NEEM ice core


Poster Session 3:  Thursday 10 March at 1600

Poster Session 3
T06: Ice dynamics and geophysics
ID Presenter Poster title
33 Ernst-Jan  Kuiper Identifying deformation mechanisms in the EDML ice core  using EBSD measurements
92 Florian Steinbach Microdynamical simulations of polyphase deformation and recrystallisation processes in polar ice and firn
135 Elisabeth Isaksson Antarctic Ice Rises as potential ice core drill sites - examples from Fimbul Ice Shelf, Dronning Maud Land
186 Sepp  Kipfstuhl Physical Properties of the Renland (East Greenland) ice core
201 David Prior Measuring elastic and acoustic properties of ice with resonant ultrasound spectroscopy
276 Nanna Karlsson The representativeness of ice core accumulation records: Case study from NEEM
280 Kaitlin Keegan Deformation of NEEM, Greenland Basal Folded Ice
T09: New frontiers in retrieval and analysis
ID Presenter Poster title
4 Pavel Talalay Temperature distribution of the normal drilling fluid circulation in deep ice boreholes and its influence on drilling technology
18 Peter Neff A review of the brittle ice zone in polar ice cores.
46 Jialin Hong Optimization of Ice Cuttings Transportation by Electromechanical Auger Drills
55 Christoph Schaller NEEM to EGRIP traverse - high resolution densities, melt layers and water isotopes in the upper two meters
63 Nicole  Spaulding Glacial-Interglacial variability in paired surface ice and ice core records from the Allan Hills blue ice area, Antarctica
64 Michael Döring Matlab based automatization of an inverse surface temperature modelling procedure for Greenland ice cores using an existing firn densification and heat diffusion model
67 Steffen Bo Hansen Adaptations to the Hans Tausen drill design and the challenges for the EGRIP drilling
71 Sven Erik  Avak Development of a Cryocell for High-Resolution Trace Element Analysis of Ice Cores
72 Thomas  Blunier Continuous gas measurements from ice cores
85 Nan Zhang Ice and Bedrock Electromechanical Drill (IBED): Control, Electronics and Electrical Design
133 Paul  Vallelonga Continuous Flow Analysis of the Renland (East Greenland) ice core
145 Estrella Sanz Rodriguez Significant reduction of sample volume required for the analysis of ice core samples using Capillary Ion Chromatography
153 Tessa  Vance Optimal site selection for a high resolution ice core record in East Antarctica
181 Yang  Yang Ice and Subglacial Bedrock PDM Corer with the Use of Hot-Water Drill System
184 Emily  Doyle Preliminary results of a new extraction/analytical technique for measuring the elemental and isotopic composition of trapped gases in ice.
204 Bernhard Bereiter An improved method to analyze heavy noble gas mixing ratios in trapped air in ice samples
211 Rusheng Wang Rapid Intermediate Ice Drilling Technology with Air Reverse-Circulation
213 Rusheng Wang Multi-functional Cold Workshop for Ice Drilling Tests
218 Roberto Grilli Studying atmospheric delta 13 of cabon dioxide evolution during rapid changes of the past, using a novel high resolution optical spectrometer
219 Sakiko Ishino Seasonal variation of triple oxygen isotopic composition (Δ17O) of oxy-anions in the atmosphere at Dumont d’Urville, coastal Antarctica
261 Pat Wongpan Integrated EDS, EBSD and micro-CT analyses of sea ice structure near an ice shelf
263 David Russell-Head Recent developments in fabric analyser instrument for ice
291 Emma Kahle The South Pole High-Resolution Water Isotope Record
T10: Non-polar ice cores
ID Presenter Poster title
6 Chiara  Uglietti The debate on the basal age of Kilimanjaro’s plateau glaciers
12 Michael  Sigl Alpine ice-core based black carbon record suggests that the end of the “Little Ice Age” in Europe was unlikely forced by industrialization
40 Pascal Bohleber Atmospheric temperature and dust variability recorded in two low accumulation Alpine ice cores over the last millennium
41 Pascal Bohleber Geophysical reconaissance for deep ice core drilling at Fedchenko glacier, Pamir, Central Asia
42 Helene  Hoffmann Micro Radiocarbon dating – Applications and challenges in Alpine glaciology
45 Yongqin  Liu Bacterial responses to environmental change in the Tibetan Plateau over the past half century
49 Theo Manuel Jenk Reconstruction of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) from an Andean ice core (Cerro Mercedario, Argentina)
56 Anja Eichler Ice-core evidence of earliest extensive air pollution from copper metallurgy in the Andes
81 Lide Tian Stable Isotope record from Qiangtang No. 1 Glacier, middle of the Tibetan Plateau
86 Anna Dal Farra Effect of particulate matter on the albedo of alpine glaciers
126 Patrick Ginot Black Carbon emission and deposition fluxes reconstructed from shallow Illimani firn core (Bolivia).
130 Joel Barker Changes in the concentration and size of black carbon particles in the Dasuopu Ice Core, central Himalaya.
156 Jing Gao Deuterium excess record in the Tibetan ice core reveals rapid and decade-scale changes of moisture origin
169 Heejin Hwang Characterization of individual insoluble particles in ice core
172 Shugui  Hou Slight glacier reduction over the northwestern Tibetan Plateau despite the significant recent warming
183 Anna  Kozachek Climate controls on the isotopic composition of precipitation in the Caucasus highlands as revealed from ice core studies
214 Hongxi Pang Response of the Indian summer monsoon to the Southern Annular Mode: evidence from a Himalayan ice core stable isotopic record
257 Shugui  Hou Possible recent warming hiatus at high elevation indicated by a Tibetan ice core stable isotopic record
262 Giuliano Dreossi Water stable isotope records of deep ice cores and superficial samplings from the Eastern Alpine site of Mt. Ortles, Italy
290 Jérôme Chappellaz Initiating an ice core heritage repository from non polar glaciers for future generations of ice core scientists
309 Anna Wegner Five centuries of trace element deposition at the top of the Himalaya: natural background vs. anthropogenic pollution
258 Carlo Barbante High-resolution record of European trace elements deposition over the past 2000 years from the Colle Gnifetti core
T11: Oldest ice and survey geophysics
ID Presenter Poster title
36 Olivier Passalacqua Dating old ice near Dome C using thermomechanical ice flow models
38 Julius James  Rix A New Rapid Access Isotope Drill
112 Olivier  Alemany The SUBGLACIOR drilling probe: hydraulic considerations
155 Olaf Eisen Beyond EPICA: Oldest Ice
170 Catherine  Ritz Did the domes and ice divides of Antarctica move in the past ?
177 Zhang Li Estimating ice accumulation rate of a 109.91m ice core at Dome A, Antarctica, using 10Be
182 Frank  Wilhelms A Basler BT-67 deployable deep drilling system
212 Aleksei Ekaikin Extending the Vostok isotopic record back to 800,000 years BP?
237 Marie Cavitte Old ice and the stability of the Byrd-Totten Glacier divide region
302 Jack Triest Design of the continuous in-situ sampling system for the SUBGLACIOR probe