Wednesday 09 March

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IPICS Wednesday
Session Time Speaker Talk title #
Session T06: Ice dynamics and geophysics
Chair: Catherine Ritz 

0830 Michelle Koutnik (Keynote) Holocene accumulation and ice flow near the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide ice-core site 190
0900 Dorthe Dahl-Jensen NEEM flow properties show differences over Dansgaard-Oeschger events 245
0920 Adam Treverrow Using ice core and borehole data from the Dome Summit South (DSS) drilling site to assess the performance of ice flow relations. 65
0940 Massimo Frezzotti Decadal migration of Dome C and Talos Dome inferred by global navigation satellite system measurements 114
1000 Tang Xueyuan Ice thickness, Internal layers and subglacial bed topography in the vicinity of the Chinese Taishan station of Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica, revealed by grounded radio-echo sounding 98
Break 1020
Session T10: Non-polar ice cores
Chair: Dorthe Dahl-Jensen 

1050 Nicole Spaulding What's in a signal? Examining ultra-high resolution LA-ICP-MS signals for the reconstruction of European climate 230
1110 Paolo Gabrielli Co-evolution of atmospheric warming and environmental changes from a new high altitude European ice core 19
1130 Ping Yao Climate variability during the past 2000 years archived in the Tanggula ice core on the central Tibetan Plateau 93
1150 Margit Schwikowski    Filling the gap of millennial temperature reconstructions for Siberia 09
1210 Fabrice Lambert Ice core science in Chile 287
Tasmanian Experience 1230 Buses for Tasmanian experience excursion
Evening at MONA 1715 Board MONA Roma ferry at Brooke St Pier for dinner and gallery tour at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).
1800 Private viewing of MONA exhibitions
1900 Dinner at MONA
2230 Ferry arrives back at Brooke St Pier