Tuesday 08 March

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IPICS Tuesday
Session Time Speaker Talk title #
Session T03: Holocene and last 2000 year climate forcings and variability
Chair: Ailie Gallant

0830 Barbara Stenni (Keynote) Reconstructing Antarctic climate over the last 2000 years 113
0900 Elizabeth Thomas Twentieth century increase in snowfall in coastal West Antarctica 16
0920 Tessa Vance The Law Dome-east Australian rainfall proxy record: current understanding and future work 152
0940 Nerilie Abram Climate variability and environmental change on the Antarctic Peninsula during the last millennium 173
1000 Valérie Masson-Delmotte Impact of volcanic forcing on northern hemisphere climate during the last millennium 162
Break 1020
Session T03 (cont)
Chair: Eric Steig

1050 Alexey Ekaykin The climate variability in Indian Ocean sector of East Antarctica over the past 350 years 207
1110 Diana Vladimirova Continuous measurements of CH4 content in the RECAP ice core, Greenland (preliminary results) 43
1130 Benoit Lecavalier The high Arctic Agassiz ice core Holocene climate record 35
1150 Christoph Nehrbass-Ahles High Resolution Holocene CO2 Record from the TALDICE ice core 216
1210 Monica Arienzo Black carbon from two Antarctic ice cores parallels Southern Hemisphere climate during the Holocene 32
1230 Takuro Kobashi Greenland temperatures over the Holocene 191
Break 1250
Session T04: Interpreting proxies and new proxies
Chair: Rachael Rhodes 

1400 Bradley Markle (Keynote) Moisture transport to West Antarctica constrained by shared water-isotope and ice-impurity variability at millennial to orbital time scales 254
1430 Ailie Gallant Can we use the ERA 20th century reanalysis for extended ice core comparisons with the observational record? 198
1450 Hans Christian Steen-Larsen Using in-situ observations of atmospheric water vapor isotopes to benchmark isotope-enabled General Circulation Models and improve ice core paleo-climate reconstruction 20
1510 Jon Edwards Millennial scale climate and total air content in the NEEM, GISP2 and WAIS Divide ice cores 285
1530 Andrea Spolaor Bromine in the NEEM ice core: a history of Arctic sea ice 58
Break 1550
Poster session 2 1600 T04: Interpreting proxies and new proxies

T08: Biogeochemical cycles