Monday 07 March

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IPICS Monday
Session Time Speaker Talk title #
Chair: Tas van Ommen 
0845 TBC
Aboriginal Welcome to Country

Tas van Ommen, Conference Chair
Nick Gales, Director, Australian Antarctic Division

Steve Rintoul, Program Leader, ACE CRC
Eric Wolff, IPICS Co-Chair

0915 Eric Wolff  (Invited Keynote) The IPICS era: successes and opportunities 
Session T01: Major Recent Drilling Projects
Chair: Tas van Ommen 

1000 Mark Curran The Aurora Basin North (ABN) ice core drilling project – an overview and initial results from the 2000 year ice core record.. 151
Break 1020
Session T01 (cont)
Chair: Kumiko Goto-Azuma
1050 Nancy Bertler The Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) project 50
1110 Trevor Popp Drilling to bedrock at the Renland Ice Cap (RECAP), East Greenland 66
1130 Yuansheng Li Recent progresss on Chinese deep ice-core drilling project at Dome A 248
1150 Robert Mulvaney The Fletcher Promontory ice core drilling project 283
1210 Kendrick Taylor The SPICE and WAIS Divide ice core projects 11
Lunch 1230
Session T02: Glacial / interglacial dynamics, interglacials, and sea level
Chair: Joel Pedro

1330 Eric Steig (Keynote) The water isotope record from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide ice core: implications for Antarctic temperature variability on interannual to orbital timescales 289
1400 Bernhard Bereiter Mean ocean temperature change over the last transition based on atmospheric changes in heavy noble mixing ratios 202
1420 Emilie Capron A new Last Interglacial temperature data synthesis as an improved benchmark for climate modelling 29
1440 Camille Bréant   Variability of polar snow densification over the terminations 1, 2 and 3: cases of Vostok and Dome C
1500 Jinho Ahn Abrupt atmospheric CO2 increases during the last glacial termination 271
Break 1520
Poster session 1 1530
T01: Major recent drilling projects

T02: Glacial / interglacial dynamics, interglacials, and sea level

T03: Holocene and last 2000 year climate forcings and variability

T05: Age scales and synchronisation between records
T07: Millennial variability in glacials and hemispheric coupling
Film screening: Ice and the Sky 1700 Buses depart conference venue for Ice and Sky screening at Village Cinema
1815 Film screening commences