Friday 11 March

IPICS Friday
Session Time Speaker Talk title #
T11: Oldest ice and survey geophysics
Chair: Massimo Frezzotti

0830 Duncan Young
Status of detailed ICECAP aerogeophysical surveying for old ice at Dome C
0850 Brice van Liefferinge
Probability of detecting 1.5 million year old ice in the divide area between Dome Fuji and Dome Concordia, Antarctica, based on high-resolution thermomechanical modelling  57
0910 Frédéric Parrenin Is there 1 million-year old ice near Dome C, Antarctica?
0930 Shuji Fujita Glaciological conditions of the ice sheet at Dome Fuji, Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
0950 Catherine Ritz Oldest Ice reconnaissance in the vicinity of Concordia. Description of a collaborative data-modelling approach 157
1010 Jérôme Chappellaz The SUBGLACIOR probe for reconnaissance of potential oldest ice sites: concept, design and current status 99
Break 1030
Session T08: Biogeochemical Cycles
Chair: Anaïs Orsi

1050 David Etheridge (Keynote) Carbon monoxide concentrations in the southern hemisphere during the past century: reconstructed record and model simulations 199
1120 Peter Köhler On the role of volcanic CO2 outgassing in the global carbon cycle on orbital time scales: two case studies from the last glacial cycle 163
1140 Rachael Rhodes Methane dynamics in the Last Glacial and deglaciation at millennial to centennial timescales: Implications for tropical hydroclimate 87
1200 Ji-Woong Yang Millennial-scale methane variability and North Atlantic climate change during the Early Holocene 232
1220 Jochen Schmitt Glacial-Interglacial and Holocene N2O Stable Isotope Changes Constrain Terrestrial N Cycling 52
1240 Jonas Beck Bipolar CH4, δ13CH4 and δD(CH4) measurements over the Holocene 117

Lunch & poster awards 1300

Concluding session
Chair: Mark Curran
1400 Valérie Masson-Delmotte (Invited keynote) AR5 to AR6 : contributions of ice core science to IPCC reports
1430 ICYS (TBD) Future Perspectives: panel rapid presentations
Stephen Phipps (SHAPE)
Hubertus Fischer
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
Ed Brook
1500 Jérôme Chappellaz (Moderator) Audience Q&A with panel
1530 Convenor Closing comments & wrap up