IPICS 2016


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Please list authors (initials only) as you wish it to appear. Institutional affiliations as numbers will appear as superscript in abstracts. e.g. K.P. Blogs1, J.L. Smith2,3, M.N. Jones4,1
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IPICS2016 Organisers will make available support packages of up to $A2000 for early career researchers to attend the conference. Most, but not all, support awards are intended for attendance at the Ice Core Young Scientists (ICYS) Workshop on Sunday 6 March in Hobart. Additional nationally-tied support for early career researchers is also available. Applicants from eligible countries should apply as first preference for these via relevant national channels, in addition to the application here, in the event that they are unsuccessful. For applicants in Europe, EPICA member institutions can submit applications for support to the Descartes Prize Committee via their national representative. For US applicants, a the time of opening, the prospect of ICYS-solicited support for US early career researchers is under consideration. Contact ICYS US reps for latest information. IPICS2016, EPICA and ICYS will coordinate the travel support applications with the intention to grant only one award to any individual. Applicants should be aware that the IPICS2016 awards here will be finalised after consultation with EPICA and ICYS to confirm this.
I confirm that I am a student or within 5 years (with interruption allowance) of completing a PhD.
I will be attending the Ice Core Young Scientists (ICYS) workshop on Sunday 06 March 2016.
Briefly describe your career stage (student/postdoc) and goals. Specify what benefit attendance at the meeting and presenting your research will bring to you in pursuing these goals. Briefly indicate any circumstances which might demonstrate need for support (e.g. institutional constraints, lack of other opportunity for travel)
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